PM-PRECISIONWith over 100 experienced technicians, PM-PRECISION is a leading specialist in the production of high precision components. The projects in which PM-PRECISION is involved are always starting with design plans. These design plans form the basis of our production engineering, CNC programming, CNC machining and CNC measuring.

On the one hand PM-PRECISION is active as a high precision supplier to various OEM companies and organizations. On the other hand the high precision components manufactured by PM-PRECISION are integrated in finished products and advanced modules, which are subsequently assembled by the PM-GROUP sister subsidiaries PM-AEROTEC and PM-MECHATRONICS.

PM-PRECISION has the ability of the following manufacturing processes: Heat treatment, (Multi-axis) Turning, (5-axis) machining, Flat grinding, Cylindrical grinding, Super Finishing Electro Chemical Machining (ECM), honing and finishing of materials such as titanium and super-alloys such as Duplex, Hastelloy, Inconel, Nimonics, Invar, AMC, Titanium, Ceramic and Stelliet. Furthermore PM-PSM are able to offer extensive sheetmetal and coating capabilities.

Customers choose PM-PRECISION for its high quality precision engineering, manufacturing capabilities and craftmanship. They know they will find a partner with the best professionals and the right equipment.

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