16-300x234Through our well developed engineering capabilities we are able to manufacture complex mechanical components and ultra high precision parts, while guaranteeing a very secure source of supply. While using our broad base of experience, we are able to design tailored solutions within a very short time frame: From relatively basic requirements until highly complex product demands based on exotic materials constructions like for example invar, AMC, Zerodur and ceramics. When it comes to solutions, we always go just as far as the customer wants us to.

Our designed advanced components are able to make the difference allowing to apply the required structures to applications with extreme precision or other demanding requirements.

Engineering & Development competences:

  • FEM Calculations
  • Siemens NX7.5
  • Advanced Design and Simulation software
  • Mechanical Precision Engineering
  • Dynamics and Tribology
  • Experience with Carbon composites, Ceramics
  • Skilled and experienced workforce

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