Flat Grinding

flat grindingPM-PRECISION’s extensive and advanced flatness grinding capabilities enables PM to finish ultra high precision components within sub-micron accuracy levels. High mix, low volume production and high volume, low mix production are typically characterizing PM’s facilities. Various complex materials are grinded every day within PM’s grinding facility such as Aluminum, Cast Iron, Ceramics, Chromium Carbide, AMC, Invar, Carbon Fibre and various other exotic materials.

PM’s high-tech grinding facility offers a large range of flatness grinding centers to process a wide range of highly advanced components such as linear bearings, ultra high-precision stage parts and advanced module components. PM-PRECISION its skilled staff have multiple decades of craftmanship experience to finish parts in accordance with its customers specifications, while realizing tolerances on a daily basis within the sub-micron accuracy levels. With over 20 CNC grinding centers and a high variety of advanced flatness grinding configurations, PM-PRECISION is able to serve all thinkable requirements by its customers.

Complying with the highest military and aerospace standards, PM-PRECISION is able to provide ultra high-performance grinding process services for almost any industry with a ultra high precision component requirement. These industries include Aerospace, Nuclear, Semicon, Medical, Analytical, Automotive, Chemical, Military, Electrical, Printing and Refineries.

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