Heat Treatment

heatingPM-PRECISION has decades of experience related to several heat treatment processes and multiple senior skilled employees working within its heat treatment department. To create maximum precision performance related to PM’s precision manufacturing activities, heat treatment is a standard procedure within our philosophy. For precision parts it is effective that when maximum accuracy needs to be acquired, additional measures will be made in order to remove the tensions during the manufacturing. The removing of internal tensions takes place by means of furnacing. By heating the part in multiple stages to a higher temperature, the internal tensions will manifest itself. By taking this into account during the process, deviations in size can be limited to a absolute minimum.

During the process of hardening, materials could be heated up to a temperature of 1600°C. By doing this in a multi-staged way, the conversion of the material can take place gradually, due to which deformations of the shape are counteracted. By using vacuum technology with plc-operation, this can be realized easily. The state of the art ovens can be set in time, temperature and situation specific requirements, due to which they can be set in an optimal way regarding the project demands. By cooling quickly, the structure of the material can be optimally fixated without getting undesired effects, such as granule growth or the forming of perlite. On the other hand mechanical components have to cool down during the night, which is also one of the craftmanship skills of PM’s hardening department. By being critical in the compiling of charges and only  treating equally-shaped products together, temperature changes within a charge are prevented. The ovens are driven by project temperature by means of feedback control.

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