Honed surfaces have excellent tribological properties – high bearing area ratio, low surface roughness and defined cross hatch pattern for lubricant retention. Tight bore size and cylindricity control coupled with enhanced tribological characteristics significantly extends the life of bearings. and no lead coarser surface finish for seals.

PM-PRECISION has successfully finished thousands of honing processes required during the manufacturing of ultra high-precision components.  All across the globe in Automotive, Aerospace, Semicon, Analytical, Medical, Hydraulic, Oil & Natural Gas, Appliance and multiple other industries.

Engine applications: Cylinder Bore, Cylinder Liner, Crank Bore, Connecting Rod, Diesel fuel injection components, Crankshaft Pulley, Rocker Arm, Turbo Charger Valve, Roller Lifter, VVT components.

Transmission & Chassis applications: Pinion Gear, Differential Gears, ABS Control Valve, Steering Housing, Brake Drum, Brake Cylinder, Brake Valve and Stator.

Hydraulics applications: Axial Flow Pumps, Rotary Oil Pumps, Gear Pump, Radial Piston Housing and Valves

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