lappingThe precision lapping capabilities of PM-PRECISION are today one of the leading standards in the ultra high-precision bearings, nano systems and precision gyroscopes industries. With a customer base spread across Aerospace, Military, Bearings, Medicine, Semicon, Analytical, Nuclear, Science and Advanced Research. Many of the world’s leading companies in these fields have accredited the precision lapping capabilities of PM-PRECISION. With approved or preferred supplier status and multiple detailed production procedures PM-PRECISION is able to serve its customer base with a wide variety of lapping configurations. With over 50 years of advanced experience in flat lapping, PM-PRECISION is able to provide advice on any job, however technically difficult.

PM-PRECISION has invested in a large range of highly specialised surface finishing process equipment. PM’s experienced and highly skilled staff ensures the fact that PM-PRECISION is able to meet the industry’s increasing demand for the precision requirements of tomorrows world.

Surface finishing and lapping today is a specialist machine process which has replaced the time and labour intensive method of hand finishing. PM’s range of surface finishing and lapping machines vary in size, this way PM-PRECISION is able to finish parts from <1mm to 2000mm. The processes rapidly achieves ultra high flatness, parallelism and quality surface finishing under stress free conditions, without harming the component material or surface. A major advantage is that size control is consistent over large or small batches, providing thousands of items with the same end result.

Some of the benefits of Precision Lapping:

  • No thermal distortion
  • Process suitable for lapping most ferrous and non ferrous materials
  • Soft materials can be lapped without the problems generally associated with grinding
  • Typical flat tolerance: 0.00025mm over a 150mm diameter
  • Parallelism: 0.0025mm
  • Surface finish: 0.025 microns on hard materials
  • Size control: +/- .001mm

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