machiningThe multi-axis milling and turning centers used within PM-PRECISION are featured with additional axes (up to 13-axis machining center configurations) to reach virtually any surface of the demanded highly complex components of our customers. The programmable milling head rotates and tilts to position the tool to be machined at the most accurate angle thinkable. This advanced five-sided machining system machines parts fast and most accurate, which ensures that PM’s customers receive their parts asap and they could be confident that they will serve the intended purpose according to the right tolerances. Although the first business was created within the aerospace industry, PM-PRECISION uses its 5-axis machines to work on parts for a variety of industries ranging from semicon to medical processing.

The advanced 5-axis automated machining centers of PM-PRECISION produce ultra high precision components. Using such advanced automation technology eliminates the need for a team to interact with the mechanical part between machining phases. This means that high precision parts will be machined inside the multi-tasking lathe, remaining untouched until complete. In addition, PM-PRECISION continuously optimizes its machines capabilities to improve accuracy levels and reach new era’s. With over 40 advanced machining centers, PM-PRECISION is able to serve all thinkable requirements by its customers.

Additionally PM-PRECISION offers CAD-CAM programming and design review engineering, cellular manufacturing and print review for new projects. These technologies combined with PM’s innovative thinking enables PM-PRECISION to improve processes and techniques to drive down production costs and increase quality for every customer. High mix, low volume production and high volume, low mix production are typically characterizing PM’s facilities. PM-PRECISION’s multi axis machining centers are able to machine a broad array of plastic, metal and exotic materials ranging from Nylon, Peek, Delrin, Ultem, Invar, Duplex, Hastelloy, Inconel, Nimonics en Stelliet, Kovar, Aluminum, Brass, AMC and Ceramics.

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