Precision Sheet Metal

Precision sheet metal

Precision Sheet Metal

As a proud member of the PM-GROUP sister subsidiary PM-PSM is a leading specialist in the production and assembly of high precision sheet metal components and advanced mechanical constructions. With a strategic selected team of technicians, the projects in which PM-PSM is involved are always starting with design plans and will finish with remarkable results. These design plans form the basis of our production engineering, programming, manufacturing, assembly and CNC measuring.  

On the one hand PM-PSM is active as a high precision supplier to various OEM companies and organizations. On the other hand the high precision sheet metal components manufactured by PM-PSM are integrated in finished products and advanced modules, which are subsequently assembled by the PM-GROUP sister subsidiaries PM-AEROTEC and PM-MECHATRONICS.

PM-PSM has the ability over the following manufacturing processes: laser cutting, bending, rolling shapes, medium-range tack, spot and stud welding and multiple surface treatment processes.

Customers choose PM-PSM for its high quality precision engineering. They know they will find a partner with the best professionals and the right equipment.

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